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Music TV Channel List – where can I watch music videos?

Music TV Channel List - where can I watch music videos

No one can deny that there has never been a better time to be a musician. With the internet and its plethora of channels bringing listeners closer than ever, it has never been easier to gain exposure and make money from your music. The critical acclaim your song will get is enhanced by the coattails of being featured on these massive music TV channels like Vevo.

The best part is that you don’t even have to be signed by a label. Merely by having a decent following on your social media accounts, you can send in your music and increase your chances of getting featured on these networks. This article will lay out the top music TV channels for you. I hope you find it helpful.


What began as a website for videos from Universal Music Group has grown into one of the top music TV channels on the internet today. With over 100 million viewers a month and its mobile app, Vevo has earned the right to be called the number one music television channel out there. With that said, you need to have an upload plan in place when you are about to send your music for consideration. This means that your song should be available on all social media platforms such as Youtube and Soundcloud in case they fall in love with it. Also, you should be ready to receive your royalty check when the video is published.


Situated in New York City, MTV is a music television channel that has carved its niche as a brand by bringing in artists with its “Freshman Performance” feature. This feature has become iconic, and it’s used by musicians worldwide as a way to showcase their talent and stand out from the crowd. With MTV, you can be a part of select artist showcases such as the “MTV Unplugged” and the “Artist to watch.”

VH1 Music TV Channel

Ever since it left its old TV channel behind, VH1 has become one of the best music television channels. It’s got a slew of music-related shows that makes it easy to narrow down your choices when you want to see what’s on that day. You don’t even have to worry about updates because these are available online. You can also get your hands on the soundtrack to today’s shows through its “VH1 Greatest Of All Time” feature.

Spotify Music

If you are a musician who is skeptical about including links to your music in your social media posts, then getting a spot in Spotify is the best way to get noticed. Spotify is one of the leading music services out there, and it has a wide variety of genres readily available for streaming. They also have a section called “New Music Friday,” a popular segment on their website that features new songs from emerging artists.

AOL Music

What is it that sets AOL apart from the other music TV channels? The answer is simple. Unlike the others, AOL has an exclusive deal with Universal Music Group. Therefore, you get to see videos with Universal’s artists. It also has other exclusive features with its sister channel, MTV. It offers “Sound Select” that allows you to let your video be featured on AOL Music’s website and mobile app. Also, there is a “Loud List” section on the AOL Music website that features music videos with a certain amount of views.


To know what the popular music trends are in the future, you need to go through Songza. This music service is specifically meant to help you discover new trending music in the present. It has an extensive library of songs that will help you find a song you never heard before. The best part about this channel is its “Mix Room,” which allows musicians to send in their music and have them screened by real people.

Google Play Music

If you have some of your original music or just want to listen to what other musicians are offering, then Google Play Music is the perfect choice for you. It has a wide selection of movies, books, music, and apps that you can use any time of the day. This music television channel also has a wide variety of playlists available on its website. You can check out the “Playlists You’ll Love” and even create your playlist.

MTV Jams

MTV Jams is meant for you if you are all about upbeat music. It offers a wide variety of videos online that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It was the brainchild of a Canadian musician named Geoff Lloyd. You never have to worry about getting featured on this channel. You can be sure that any music you send in will get published.


If you are one of the musicians out there rocking the internet, you already know what it is like to get featured on Soundcloud. The website offers audio tracks in many different genres and constantly adds new songs for its millions of listeners. This has made it one of the top music television channels globally. You can get more exposure by including it in your social media posts.

In conclusion, these music TV channels offer you a chance to promote your music with their large audiences. They also have a way of accepting original music that will not have to be licensed by a record company. Once you send in your video, you can rest assured that your song will be played on the internet and get more exposure. You can also increase your royalty check by using certain features these websites offer as they are monetarily linked.

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