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The Most Popular Ukrainian Music – List of Songs

I. Introduction

Brief Overview of the History and Influence of Ukrainian Music

Ukrainian music, with its rich and diverse history, has been a major part of the country’s cultural fabric. Originating from a long-standing tradition of folk and classical music, it has evolved over time to incorporate various genres and styles. As a cornerstone of the country’s heritage, Ukrainian music serves as a reflection of its historical journey, capturing the nation’s experiences, emotions, and identity in melodic harmony.

Relevance and Popularity of Ukrainian Music in the World Today

In the contemporary global music scene, Ukrainian music has made significant strides. The 21st century has seen a rise in the popularity of Ukrainian music, with artists finding recognition beyond their homeland. Ukrainian tunes are now not confined to the geographic boundaries of Ukraine but have traveled across the globe, resonating with international audiences. This globalization of Ukrainian music has not only facilitated cultural exchange but has also placed Ukrainian artists on the world stage.

Importance of the Songs Listed in the Context of Ukrainian Music

The songs that will be discussed in this article represent the vast spectrum of Ukrainian music, capturing its essence across different eras and genres. From traditional folk tunes to chart-topping pop hits, these songs have played a pivotal role in shaping Ukraine’s musical landscape. They embody the spirit of the nation and its people, expressing stories of love, hardship, joy, and resilience. By delving into these songs, we will gain a deeper understanding of the richness and complexity of Ukrainian music, appreciating its unique charm and enduring appeal.

II. Evolution of Ukrainian Music

Ancient and Traditional Ukrainian Music

The roots of Ukrainian music can be traced back to ancient times, where oral traditions of storytelling, ritual songs, and folk tunes were a significant part of the societal fabric. These melodies, often accompanied by traditional musical instruments like the bandura, kobza, or sopilka, were a powerful means of expression and communication. Ancient folk songs or ‘dumas’ were epic in nature, narrating tales of historical events and heroic exploits. Such traditional musical forms have had a profound influence on the development of Ukrainian music, the impact of which can still be felt in contemporary compositions.

Soviet Era and Its Influence

The period of the Soviet Union had a substantial impact on the Ukrainian music scene. This era brought about a shift in the thematic content and style of Ukrainian music, with a considerable emphasis on promoting socialist ideals and fostering a collective Soviet identity. Despite strict censorship and control over artistic expression, Ukrainian musicians managed to keep their distinct musical tradition alive. This period also saw the integration of Western musical styles like jazz and rock, leading to a unique blend of East and West in Ukrainian music.

Modern Ukrainian Music Scene

The post-Soviet era ushered in a new phase of freedom and exploration in Ukrainian music. The independent Ukraine witnessed a resurgence of national identity, which was vividly reflected in its music. Artists started experimenting with diverse genres, such as pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music, producing a vibrant and eclectic soundscape. A wave of young, innovative artists, like Okean Elzy, Jamala, and DakhaBrakha, emerged, pushing the boundaries of traditional music forms. Today, the Ukrainian music scene is a dynamic blend of traditional motifs and modern expressions, resonating with audiences both at home and abroad.

III. Key Genres in Ukrainian Music


Ukrainian Pop music has seen a significant evolution over the years, with influences ranging from traditional melodies to contemporary Western Pop. Artists like Ani Lorak and Vremya i Steklo have garnered international attention with their catchy tunes, clever lyrics, and charismatic performances. Ani Lorak’s hit “Shady Lady” became an international sensation after she represented Ukraine in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Similarly, Vremya i Steklo’s song “Name 505” went viral on various digital platforms, bolstering their fame globally.


Rock music in Ukraine emerged during the late Soviet era, with bands like Vopli Vidopliassova and Okean Elzy pioneering the genre. Their music became an outlet for political dissent and expression of national identity. Okean Elzy’s track “Vstavay” (Stand Up) is considered an anthem of modern Ukrainian rock, symbolizing resilience and spirit of the Ukrainian people.


Ukrainian folk music, with its rich history, continues to be a vibrant part of the country’s musical identity. It primarily includes traditional songs or ‘narodni pisni’ that have been passed down through generations. DakhaBrakha, a globally renowned band, has gained fame for its innovative approach to Ukrainian folk music, creating a unique fusion of traditional melodies with global music elements. Their track “Vesna” is a beautiful representation of this unique blend.


The Hip-Hop and Electronic scene in Ukraine, though relatively new, is growing rapidly. Alyona Alyona, an Ukrainian rapper, has been turning heads with her unique blend of catchy hip-hop rhythms and honest, powerful lyrics. Her track “Plynu” has made waves in the global hip-hop community. On the electronic front, artists like KAZKA and Ivan Dorn have been pushing boundaries. KAZKA’s hit song “Plakala” became the first Ukrainian song to enter the Shazam Top-10 world chart, showing the increasing global presence of Ukrainian electronic music.

IV. Ukrainian Music and Its Role in Society

Patriotic Songs

Ukrainian music has often been a vessel for expressing national identity and pride. Patriotic songs like “Zaplutalas tuchka z zor’yu” (A Little Cloud Has Lost its Way with a Star) or “Chervona Ruta” by Sofia Rotaru have become symbols of national unity and strength. During times of political strife, these songs have played a vital role in rallying the spirit of the people and fostering a sense of national unity.

Folklore Songs

Folklore songs, or ‘narodni pisni,’ form an integral part of Ukraine’s cultural heritage. They encapsulate various aspects of everyday life, including work, family, love, and historical events. Many of these songs have been passed down through generations, serving as a living record of the country’s past. The folk song “Oi Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon” (A Dream Passes by the Windows), for instance, is a lullaby that has been sung by generations of Ukrainians.

Songs that Shaped Political Movements

Music has also played a significant role in Ukraine’s political movements. Songs often served as an expression of dissent and a call for change. The rock band Okean Elzy, for instance, became the voice of the youth during the Orange Revolution with songs like “Vstavay” (Stand Up). Their music brought people together, giving them the courage to stand up for their rights.

V. Top Ukrainian Artists and Their Popular Songs

List and Brief Description of Key Ukrainian Artists

1. Okean Elzy: Often regarded as one of Ukraine’s most successful rock bands, Okean Elzy has been at the forefront of the country’s music scene since the late 1990s. Known for their powerful lyrics and dynamic performances, they have become symbols of Ukrainian resilience and pride.

  • Popular song: “Vstavay” (Stand Up)

2. Jamala: A unique talent, Jamala fuses traditional Crimean Tatar music with jazz, opera, and pop. She gained international recognition after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 with her poignant song about the Tatar deportation.

  • Popular song: “1944”

3. DakhaBrakha: This avant-garde folk quartet is recognized for its innovative fusion of Ukrainian folk with various music genres, from jazz to electronica. Their distinctive sound and theatrical performances have earned them fans worldwide.

  • Popular song: “Vesna”

4. Ani Lorak: One of Ukraine’s most famous pop stars, Ani Lorak has represented the country in various international music events, including the Eurovision Song Contest, where she was a runner-up with her hit “Shady Lady.”

  • Popular song: “Shady Lady”

5. Alyona Alyona: Breaking barriers in the Ukrainian hip-hop scene, Alyona Alyona’s energetic raps deal with themes of body positivity, empowerment, and everyday struggles. Her tracks resonate with a global audience, giving her a distinct place in the music industry.

  • Popular song: “Plynu”

Discuss Their Impact and Their Most Popular Songs

Okean Elzy: As a pillar of Ukrainian rock music, Okean Elzy’s songs have been anthems for various social and political movements, especially during the Orange Revolution. Their impact is not just musical but also cultural and political, inspiring a generation to stand up for their beliefs.

Jamala: With “1944,” Jamala highlighted the tragic history of the Crimean Tatars, giving a voice to a suppressed narrative. Her victory at Eurovision was a significant moment, emphasizing the power of music to address historical injustices.

DakhaBrakha: By reimagining traditional Ukrainian music, DakhaBrakha has brought the country’s rich musical heritage to the global stage. Their fusion style acts as a bridge, connecting age-old traditions with contemporary sounds.

Ani Lorak: As a pop icon, Ani Lorak’s music is a testament to Ukraine’s ability to produce chart-topping hits that resonate with international audiences. Her performances have always been a source of national pride.

Alyona Alyona: Challenging norms and breaking stereotypes, Alyona Alyona’s raps are a fresh voice in the Ukrainian music scene. She empowers listeners to embrace their identity, pushing boundaries both musically and socially.

VI. Most Popular Ukrainian Songs: A Curated List

A Journey Through Time and Melody

To understand the heart and soul of Ukrainian music, one needs to delve into its most cherished songs. These tunes, spanning various eras and genres, provide a window into Ukraine’s rich cultural and musical tapestry. Here’s a list of some of the most iconic Ukrainian songs:

  1. “Chervona Ruta” by Sofia Rotaru: A timeless classic, this song combines folklore motifs with modern musical elements, celebrating youth and love.
  2. “Vstavay” by Okean Elzy: An anthem of resilience, this rock tune has been a source of inspiration for countless Ukrainians during challenging times.
  3. “1944” by Jamala: A soul-stirring melody that delves into the tragic history of the Crimean Tatars, highlighting the power of music as a medium of storytelling.
  4. “Vesna” by DakhaBrakha: This avant-garde folk song is a beautiful fusion of traditional Ukrainian sounds with contemporary musical influences.
  5. “Shady Lady” by Ani Lorak: Representing Ukraine on the global stage, this pop hit was a standout performance at the Eurovision Song Contest.
  6. “Plynu” by Alyona Alyona: A fresh hip-hop track that resonates with themes of empowerment and self-acceptance.
  7. “Plakala” by KAZKA: This electronic track, with its haunting melody, captured the hearts of listeners globally, showcasing the versatility of Ukrainian music.
  8. “Name 505” by Vremya i Steklo: A catchy tune that became a staple on dance floors, highlighting the duo’s unique style and sound.
  9. “Oi Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon” (Traditional): A lullaby that has been passed down through generations, capturing the essence of Ukrainian folklore.
  10. “Berezen” by Hardkiss: Merging electronic beats with poetic lyrics, this track is a testament to the innovative spirit of modern Ukrainian music.

List with some other Songs

  1. “Chervona Ruta” by Sofia Rotaru
  2. “Zelenyj Hai” by Vopli Vidoplyasova
  3. “Odna Kalyna” by VIA Gra
  4. “Za duzhe horami” by Oksana Bilozir
  5. “Vodohray” by Volodymyr Ivasyuk
  6. “Oi u poli na yahorchyni” by Ukrainian Folk Song
  7. “Ya pidu v daleki hory” by Ivan Popovych
  8. “Vidchynyayu” by Dzidzio
  9. “Ty zh mene pidmanula” by Hryhoriy Skovoroda
  10. “Viter” by Okean Elzy

The Impact and Legacy of these Songs

These songs, in their own unique ways, have left an indelible mark on Ukrainian culture and beyond. From lullabies that have lulled generations to sleep to anthems that have inspired political movements, each track tells a story. They showcase Ukraine’s rich musical heritage and its ability to evolve, adapt, and resonate in an ever-changing global music landscape.

In conclusion, Ukrainian music, with its diverse genres and rich history, has a lot to offer. It’s a reflection of the nation’s journey, its triumphs and challenges, and most importantly, its soul. By exploring these songs, listeners get a glimpse of Ukraine’s vibrant musical spirit and its enduring charm.

VII. Ukrainian Music in the Global Arena

Eurovision and Ukraine’s Global Musical Footprint

One cannot discuss Ukrainian music on the global stage without mentioning the Eurovision Song Contest. This annual competition has been a pivotal platform for Ukraine to showcase its musical talent to the world. From Ruslana’s energetic “Wild Dances” in 2004, which bagged the first victory for Ukraine, to Jamala’s evocative “1944” in 2016, Ukrainian artists have consistently made a mark with their distinctive styles and powerful performances.

International Music Festivals and Collaborations

Beyond Eurovision, Ukrainian artists have been actively participating in various global music festivals like Montreux Jazz Festival, Sziget, and Womex, among others. Their eclectic styles, a blend of traditional and modern sounds, have been a hit with international audiences.

Collaborations have been another avenue for Ukrainian music to transcend borders. Ukrainian musicians have often collaborated with international artists, enriching the global music scene with their unique contributions. For instance, the ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha has frequently collaborated with global artists, bringing their distinct sound to wider audiences.

Digital Platforms and Streaming Services

In the era of digital music, streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube have played a crucial role in disseminating Ukrainian music to global listeners. Tracks like “Plakala” by KAZKA have garnered millions of streams, underlining the universal appeal of Ukrainian melodies. Moreover, playlists dedicated to Ukrainian music allow listeners from all corners of the world to explore and appreciate the country’s diverse musical offerings.

The Cultural Diplomacy of Music

Music, in its essence, is a form of diplomacy. Ukrainian music, with its heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies, has become an ambassador of the country’s rich culture, history, and spirit. It introduces listeners to Ukraine’s soul, bridging gaps and fostering understanding. The universality of music ensures that even if one doesn’t comprehend the lyrics, the emotion and essence of Ukrainian songs can still be deeply felt.

VIII. Conclusion: The Timeless Charm of Ukrainian Music

Ukrainian music, with its vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary, tells the tale of a nation that reveres its roots while embracing the future. Each song, whether a haunting folk melody or a pulsating electronic track, carries within it a piece of Ukraine’s soul.

In an ever-globalizing world, Ukrainian music stands out, not just for its unique sound but for its ability to connect, resonate, and inspire listeners across continents. As we’ve journeyed through its rich tapestry, from ancient dumas to modern pop hits, one thing is clear: Ukrainian music, in all its forms, is a testament to the enduring spirit and creativity of its people.

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