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Most Popular Turkish Music – List of Songs


Turkish music, an art form with roots reaching back to ancient times, is an essential component of Turkey’s rich cultural heritage. Integrating a wide array of musical traditions from the Ottomans to modern influences, it reflects the soul of a nation that has embraced diversity while cherishing its traditions. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the most popular Turkish songs, showcasing the essence of various genres that make Turkish music a unique experience for listeners worldwide.

Overview of Turkish Music

Turkey’s geographic position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia has given rise to a musical culture that incorporates elements from various traditions. The complexity of Turkish music is enriched by its integration of Eastern and Western influences, religious and secular themes, and traditional and contemporary styles.

Richness and Diversity in Turkish Music Genres

From the mesmerizing rhythms of classical Ottoman music to the lively beats of Turkish pop, the country’s musical genres are as diverse as its landscapes. The following main sections of this article will delve into the fascinating world of:

  • Traditional Turkish Music: Encompassing classical Ottoman compositions, regional folk songs, and religious music.
  • Modern Genres: Featuring pop, rock, alternative, hip-hop, rap, jazz, blues, and electronic music.
  • Influence on Global Music Scene: Exploring Turkey’s footprint in the international music industry.

Purpose of the Article

This article aims to serve as a detailed guide to the most popular Turkish music. It not only includes comprehensive lists of songs that represent various genres but also offers insights into the evolution of Turkish music. Whether you are a fan of Turkish melodies or exploring this musical universe for the first time, the information provided herein promises a melodious journey into the heart of Turkey’s musical legacy.

By the end of this guide, you will have a substantial understanding of the distinctiveness of Turkish music, equipped with curated lists of songs such as “Simarik” by Tarkan in pop, “Bir Derdim Var” by Mor Ve Ötesi in rock, and “Üsküdar’a Gider İken” in traditional folk music, among many others.

Traditional Turkish Music

Traditional Turkish music offers a unique window into Turkey’s cultural heritage and soul. From the refined sounds of Classical Ottoman music to the heartfelt strains of regional folk songs, traditional music has played a vital role in shaping Turkey’s national identity.

Classical Ottoman Music

Classical Ottoman music, also known as Turkish art music, has its roots in the courts of the Ottoman Empire. This genre reflects a synthesis of various musical traditions, including Persian, Arabic, and Byzantine influences. Its complex modal system, known as “makam,” creates a rich and soul-stirring experience.

Famous Composers and Musicians

  • Dede Efendi: A prominent composer who contributed significantly to the classical Turkish repertoire.
  • Leyla Saz: A female composer and musician who played a vital role in preserving this art form.
  • Tanburi Cemil Bey: A virtuoso musician, known for his mastery of the tanbur and other traditional instruments.

List of Songs:

  1. “Karcılar” by Dede Efendi: A hauntingly beautiful piece in the Hüzzam makam.
  2. “Nihansın Dideden Ey Mest-i Nâzım” by Leyla Saz: A classical composition reflecting deep emotions.
  3. “Saba Buselik Taqsim” by Tanburi Cemil Bey: An improvisation showcasing the artist’s skill with the tanbur.

Folk Music

Turkish folk music is the heart of rural Turkey, varying significantly by region and reflecting local customs, stories, and beliefs. From the lively dances of the Black Sea region to the soulful tunes of Anatolia, folk music represents the everyday experiences and emotions of the people.

Instruments Used

  • Bağlama: A stringed instrument, central to Turkish folk music.
  • Mey: A double-reed wind instrument with a distinct sound.
  • Davul: A traditional drum used in various folk dance music.

List of Songs:

  1. “Kara Toprak” by Aşık Veysel: A reflective song by one of Turkey’s most famous minstrels.
  2. “Misket” by Barış Manço: A popular folk dance tune known throughout Turkey.
  3. “Resul Dindar’dan Divane” by Resul Dindar: A beautiful song from the Black Sea region, expressing longing and love.

Turkish Pop Music

The pop music genre in Turkey has seen a significant evolution, blending traditional Turkish elements with modern Western influences. From the catchy beats to the emotive lyrics, Turkish pop music has not only won the hearts of locals but also found recognition on the global stage.

Brief History of Turkish Pop Music

Turkish pop music began to emerge in the 1950s, with a move towards Western styles. The 1970s and ’80s saw a boom in the genre with the rise of artists like Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu. The fusion of Turkish melodies with pop has resulted in a unique sound that continues to evolve today.

Influences and Modern-Day Icons

Turkish pop draws inspiration from both international trends and local musical traditions. Artists like Tarkan, who is often referred to as the “Prince of Pop” in Turkey, have played a pivotal role in shaping the genre.

List of Songs:

  1. “Dudu” by Tarkan: A hit that showcases Tarkan’s distinctive style.
  2. “Oyalama Beni” by Sezen Aksu: A classic from the renowned artist, known as the “Queen of Turkish Pop.”
  3. “Kalp Atışı” by Murat Boz: A romantic ballad that resonates with many.
  4. “Bangır Bangır” by Gülşen: A lively and catchy tune that became a summer anthem.

Turkish Rock and Alternative Music

Turkey’s rock and alternative scene has thrived with a plethora of bands and solo artists, experimenting with different sounds and pushing musical boundaries.

Overview of the Rock and Alternative Scene in Turkey

The roots of Turkish rock can be traced back to the 1960s with artists like Erkin Koray leading the way. The genre has diversified over time, with the emergence of alternative rock, psychedelic rock, and indie rock, represented by bands like Duman and Mor Ve Ötesi.

Prominent Bands and Solo Artists

  • Barış Manço: A legendary figure in Turkish rock.
  • Teoman: A renowned artist known for his poetic lyrics.
  • Duman: A band that defined a generation with its alternative sound.

List of Songs:

  1. “Bir Derdim Var” by Mor Ve Ötesi: A song that became an anthem for youth.
  2. “Senden Daha Güzel” by Duman: A rock classic that remains popular.
  3. “Bu Akşam” by Duman: Another hit from the influential band.
  4. “En Güzel Yerinde Evin” by Teoman: A reflective piece, capturing Teoman’s unique style.

Turkish Hip-Hop and Rap

The emergence of hip-hop and rap in Turkey represents a youthful and rebellious wave of musical expression. Reflecting global trends yet rooted in local culture, Turkish hip-hop has become a voice for social commentary and personal storytelling.

Introduction to Turkish Hip-Hop and Rap

The 1990s saw the birth of Turkish hip-hop and rap, with artists drawing inspiration from Western counterparts but infusing their work with local themes and languages. The genre has grown, showcasing the complexity of urban life and youth culture in Turkey.

Significant Artists Who’ve Shaped the Genre

  • Ceza: Known as one of Turkey’s top rap artists, famous for his fast flow and thought-provoking lyrics.
  • Ezhel: A contemporary artist blending rap with reggae and other influences.
  • Kartal Kaan Bozok: An emerging talent in the Turkish hip-hop scene.

List of Songs:

  1. “Suspus” by Ceza: A powerful track that exemplifies Ceza’s mastery.
  2. “Geceler” by Ezhel: A blend of rap with a melodic touch.
  3. “Yok” by Kartal Kaan Bozok: An example of the new wave of Turkish hip-hop.

Turkish Jazz and Blues

The Turkish jazz and blues scene, although niche, has made significant contributions to the country’s musical diversity. Influenced by the American jazz movement, Turkish jazz has incorporated local instruments and scales, creating a unique sound.

Overview of the Jazz and Blues Scene in Turkey

Beginning in the 1930s, Turkish jazz has embraced both traditional and modern forms. Artists like Kerem Görsev have helped shape the genre, collaborating with international jazz musicians and experimenting with local musical elements.

Noteworthy Musicians and Composers

  • Kerem Görsev: A leading figure in Turkish jazz, known for his piano compositions.
  • Okay Temiz: A percussionist who blends jazz with Turkish folk music.
  • Fikret Kızılok: A pioneer in bringing blues influences to Turkish music.

List of Songs:

  1. “Belki Bir Gün Özlersin” by Kerem Görsev: A beautiful jazz piece.
  2. “Denizaltı Rüzgarları” by Okay Temiz: A fusion of jazz with traditional sounds.
  3. “Gözlerinden Bellidir” by Fikret Kızılok: A blues-inspired classic in Turkish music.

Turkish Electronic Music

Turkish electronic music has found its place in the global electronic scene, with artists exploring various sub-genres like techno, house, and ambient music.

A Glimpse into the Growing Genre of Electronic Music in Turkey

From underground clubs to music festivals, Turkish electronic music has grown, driven by innovative DJs and producers. The blend of electronic beats with Turkish melodies has resulted in a fresh and engaging sound.

Notable DJs and Producers

  • Mercan Dede: An artist who combines electronic music with Sufi and other traditional elements.
  • Murat Uncuoğlu: A well-known DJ and producer in the techno scene.

List of Songs:

  1. “Ab-i Beka” by Mercan Dede: A fusion of electronic with mystical Sufi music.
  2. “Wave Worx” by Murat Uncuoğlu: A track representing the Turkish techno scene.

Turkey’s Influence on the Global Music Scene

The unique blend of Eastern and Western influences within Turkish music has not only defined its rich local scene but has also made a significant impact on the world stage. From traditional sounds that inspire global musicians to contemporary Turkish artists gaining international acclaim, Turkey’s musical footprint is ever-growing.

Cross-Cultural Collaborations

Turkish musicians have collaborated with international artists, creating fusion pieces that bring cultures together. The use of traditional Turkish instruments like the ney and bağlama in global music genres exemplifies this cross-cultural connection.

List of Collaborations:

  1. Mercan Dede and Loreena McKennitt: Collaboration on “The Gates of Istanbul.”
  2. Omar Faruk Tekbilek with Steve Shehan: Fusion of Turkish sounds with world music.

Turkish Artists Making International Waves

Several Turkish artists have gained international recognition, performing in renowned venues and music festivals around the world.

Significant Global Appearances

  • Tarkan: Known globally as the “Turkish Prince of Pop,” with concerts across Europe and America.
  • Sezen Aksu: Referred to as the “Diva of Turkish Pop,” with a wide international following.

Global Adaptation of Turkish Songs

Some Turkish songs have been adapted by international musicians, reflecting the universal appeal of Turkish melodies.

List of Adaptations:

  1. “Şımarık” by Tarkan: Adapted by various artists globally, known as “Kiss Kiss.”
  2. “Dinmiyor Hiç Bu Şarkı” by Ajda Pekkan: Covered by several European artists.


From the mystical tones of classical Ottoman music to the vibrant beats of modern pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic, Turkish music offers a diverse and rich tapestry of sounds. Its influence extends beyond the country’s borders, connecting with global rhythms and contributing to the world’s musical heritage.

This guide, with its curated lists of songs and in-depth exploration of genres, serves as a window into the captivating world of Turkish music. Whether you are an avid enthusiast or a curious explorer, the melodies, rhythms, and stories within these songs invite you to a melodious journey that resonates with the soul of Turkey.

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