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Most Popular Thai Music – List of Songs


Thai music, with its rich and diverse tapestry, is a reflection of Thailand’s vibrant cultural heritage. From the haunting melodies of traditional Thai classical music to the rhythmic beats of modern pop, Thai music has evolved over centuries, influenced by various regional, historical, and global forces. Its instruments, like the Ranat (a type of xylophone), Khim (a hammered dulcimer), and the Saw Sam Sai (a traditional fiddle), are emblematic of its distinctiveness. They form a crucial part of Thai ceremonies, festivals, and daily life. In this journey through Thai music, we’ll explore its various facets and delve into the soul of Thailand through its songs.

Purpose of the Article

This article is intended to offer readers an extensive look into the most popular Thai music across different genres, eras, and regions. From the haunting sounds of classical Thai songs to the beats of contemporary Luk Thung, the variety of Thai music will be laid out in detail. Readers will find a carefully curated selection of songs, reflecting the tastes, sentiments, and creativity of Thai musicians and people.

Traditional Thai Music


Traditional Thai music is an enchanting realm that captures the essence of Thailand’s cultural richness. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, this music has played a vital role in ceremonies, religious practices, festivals, and daily life. The melodies are typically performed with an array of distinctive instruments like the Ranat Ek (a type of xylophone), Pi Nai (a type of oboe), and Khong Wong Yai (a gong circle). The scales often differ from Western music, giving Thai classical tunes their unique, mesmerizing quality.

Notable Genres

Thai traditional music can be broadly categorized into several genres:

Classical Music

This is often associated with the royal court and includes complex compositions performed by large orchestras. It plays a vital role in traditional dance and theatrical performances.

Folk Music

Folk tunes differ across Thailand’s regions, reflecting the local culture and way of life. Instruments like the Phin (a type of lute) are common, and lyrics often tell stories or convey local wisdom.

Theatrical Music

In Thai theatre, music accompanies traditional dramas and puppet shows. Specific scales and compositions are used to convey emotions and depict characters in these performances.

Famous Songs

Below are some renowned traditional Thai songs from these genres:

Classical Music

  1. “Lao Duang Duen”: A classical piece often played during the Loy Krathong festival.
  2. “Ram Khamhaeng”: Named after a great Thai king, this piece is played during formal ceremonies.
  3. “Phya Khankhaak”: A celebratory composition performed during festive occasions.

Folk Music

  1. “Molam Ching Phutai”: A popular Molam (folk singing) piece from the Isaan region.
  2. “Suntharaporn”: A famous southern folk tune.
  3. “Loi Krathong Song”: Sung during the Loi Krathong festival, this folk song is well-known across Thailand.

Theatrical Music

  1. “Khon”: Music associated with Khon masked drama.
  2. “Hun Krabok”: A puppet theatre piece that accompanies traditional puppet shows.
  3. “Likay”: Tunes that accompany a popular form of folk theatre known as Likay.

Modern Thai Pop Music (Luk Thung, Luk Krung)

Luk Thung

Luk Thung, or “Child of the Field,” is a genre of Thai music that emerged in the mid-20th century. It beautifully blends traditional Thai musical elements with modern influences. Often described as Thai country music, Luk Thung’s lyrics typically narrate rural life, love, and societal issues.

Definition and Origins

Luk Thung originated in the central rural areas of Thailand and has since become a symbol of Thai cultural identity. It has continually evolved, absorbing influences from Western genres like rock, jazz, and Latin music.

Influential Artists

  1. Suraphol Sombatcharoen: Known as the “King of Luk Thung,” his soulful voice and powerful lyrics made a lasting impact.
  2. Pumpuang Duangjan: Often referred to as the “Queen of Luk Thung,” she modernized the genre with her unique style.

List of Popular Luk Thung Songs

  1. “Sao Ban Pok Pab” by Suraphol Sombatcharoen
  2. “Ding Ding Dong” by Pumpuang Duangjan
  3. “Nam Da Dee” by Tai Orathai
  4. “Rak Ther Tae Rak Chan” by Mike Piromporn

Luk Krung

Luk Krung, meaning “Child of the City,” is another prominent genre in Thai pop music. It emerged alongside Luk Thung but has a more urban and cosmopolitan flavor.

Definition and Origins

Luk Krung took root in Bangkok during the 1930s and ’40s, often portraying city life, modern love, and social commentary. It incorporates Western instruments and has a more sophisticated style compared to Luk Thung.

Influential Artists

  1. Tua Saranyu: A leading figure in Luk Krung, known for his smooth voice and romantic ballads.
  2. Sinn Sisamouth: An artist who contributed greatly to the genre with his poetic lyrics and melodies.

List of Popular Luk Krung Songs

  1. “Chao Phraya” by Tua Saranyu
  2. “Rak Ni Hua Jai Rao Jong” by Sinn Sisamouth
  3. “Bangkok Night” by Kamron Klumpratoom
  4. “Thang Dao Dai Rao” by Panadda Ruangwut

Thai Rock and Alternative Music


Thai rock music began to make waves in the mid-20th century, reflecting global trends while retaining a unique Thai flavor. Its roots lie in the Western rock ‘n’ roll craze of the 1960s, and it quickly evolved to encompass various sub-genres like alternative rock, punk, and metal. With powerful lyrics often expressing social concerns and youth rebellion, Thai rock music has been a voice for change and individuality.

Notable Bands and Artists

The Thai rock scene has seen the rise of many influential bands and artists, each bringing their unique sound and style:

  1. Carabao: Known for their blend of rock with traditional Thai music, Carabao has become a symbol of Thai identity.
  2. Bodyslam: One of Thailand’s most successful rock bands, their music often addresses social issues.
  3. Silly Fools: A popular alternative rock band, renowned for their energetic performances.
  4. Slot Machine: Their blend of alternative rock with electronic elements has won them international acclaim.

List of Popular Rock and Alternative Songs

  1. “Made in Thailand” by Carabao
  2. “Kwarm Song Jam” by Bodyslam
  3. “Juicy” by Silly Fools
  4. “Khloem” by Slot Machine
  5. “Rao” by Clash

Electronic and Dance Music


Electronic and dance music in Thailand is a relatively newer phenomenon, flourishing with the growth of club culture in cities like Bangkok. From techno to house and trance, Thai DJs and producers have embraced the global electronic scene, adding local twists and catering to an energetic youth audience.

Influential DJs and Producers

  1. Nakadia: One of Thailand’s most prominent techno DJs, known for her international presence.
  2. DJ Ono: A key figure in Bangkok’s club scene, playing a mix of EDM, trap, and hip-hop.
  3. CORAN: A versatile producer, weaving traditional Thai elements into modern electronic music.

List of Popular Electronic and Dance Songs

  1. “Thailand” by Nakadia
  2. “Bangkok” by DJ Ono feat. ADroiD & AutoCharm
  3. “Siam” by CORAN
  4. “Lanna” by Maehuang

Soundtracks and Film Music


Thai cinema has produced an array of memorable soundtracks and film music. Composers and musicians have worked in harmony with filmmakers to create evocative scores that enhance the storytelling experience. Ranging from sweeping orchestral compositions to modern pop songs, Thai film music mirrors the diversity and creativity of the country’s movie industry.

Notable Composers and Soundtracks

  1. “Ong-Bak”: Composed by Atomix Clubbing, the soundtrack gave life to the action-packed movie.
  2. “The Love of Siam”: With music by Kitti Kuremanee, this soundtrack played a vital role in portraying the film’s emotions.
  3. “Monrak Transistor”: Composed by Wild at Heart, the songs echo the film’s unique storytelling.

List of Popular Film Songs

  1. “Gun” from “Monrak Transistor”
  2. “Kuen Aw” from “The Love of Siam”
  3. “Ong-Bak Fight Theme” from “Ong-Bak”
  4. “Sut Sai Pan” from “SuckSeed”

Regional Music Styles


Thailand’s diverse regions each have unique musical styles, reflecting the local culture, traditions, and languages. From the lilting tunes of the North to the rhythmic beats of the South, these regional variations add depth and richness to the country’s musical tapestry.

Northern Music (Lanna)

Northern Thai music, known as Lanna, features unique instruments like the Salo (a two-stringed fiddle). The music often accompanies traditional dances and ceremonies.

Notable Northern Songs

  1. “Sukhothai” by The Isan Project feat. Pong Hin Lao
  2. “Lanna Folk Song” by Folk Lanna Band

Northeastern Music (Isan)

Northeastern music, or Isan music, is heavily influenced by Lao musical traditions. Instruments like the Khaen (a mouth organ) are common.

Notable Northeastern Songs

  1. “Isan Special” by The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
  2. “Molam’s Beat” by Kwanjit Sriprajan

Southern Music

Southern Thai music reflects Malay influences and often accompanies shadow puppet theater (Nang Talung).

Notable Southern Songs

  1. “Nora” by Nora Thummanit Thaksin University Group
  2. “Southern Thai Folk Song” by Southern Folk Band

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