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Buy & download Mp3 Music online in the UK – where?

For so long, people have downloaded music illegally into their devices. Some do not understand that it is illegal, while others do it because they don’t want to spend on it. Many people do not know that most of the music on sharing websites is copyrighted. Copyright is the exclusive right given to the owner of the music for a certain number of years.

Negative Effects of Illegally Downloading Music

It is wrong to download copyrighted music from illegal sources. This has brought adverse effects to internet users, musicians and the economy for many years. If you wonder how far downloading music illegally can go, it can land you in prison. Piracy is punishable by law. It exposes you to a lawsuit where you will have to incur damages by either paying a heavy fine or going to prison.
Sometimes back, a study showed that artists got diverse ideas after downloading different genres of music illegally. As much as this might seem reasonable, it is morally wrong. Remember, most musicians want to sell the music and make a living out of it? Does it help if people download the music illegally? If we all download music illegally, people with new talents will not get income to continue growing those talents.

If music is bought and downloaded through the proper channels, the industry will grow and create job opportunities for the unemployed. That will help people fend for their families and grow the economy by paying their taxes.

Sites to Buy and Download Music Online in the UK

There is no need to illegally download music while there are so many sites where you can get the same for a considerable amount and free from offenses. Such sites include.

1. Amazon Uk

This is one of the most competitive sites offering online music for sale. If you want to download the latest high-quality music from any genre, Amazon is the place for you. At a fee of 3 Euros, you can download a whole album. One of the best features of Amazon is that you can listen to the song before purchasing it. That means it allows you to make the right choices on the song or album you will download.

2. Apple iTunes

If you have ever used any product from Apple, there is a possibility that you have heard of Apple iTunes. It is their official site to buy and download music, whether a single hit song or an album. The site allows you to listen to the song for 30 seconds to help you decide exactly which one you want to pay for and download.

3. Napster

This is a site that has been in existence since time immemorial. It is a site that offers digital music where you can buy and download a single, an album, or get a monthly subscription that allows you to listen to unlimited music. It offers a wide range of music genres, including pop music, oldies, country music, and R&B soul music. It has over 3 million users who can access more than eight million music tracks.

4. Tune Tribe

Tune Tribe is another excellent digital music store. It is not just about the music from independent artists or record labels but also many journalistic interviews from different musicians. If you are interested in buying and downloading MP3 tracks, Tune Tribe has over three million tracks for you. All you need to do is get into their website and get the music of your choice legally.

5. HMV

HMV is one of the newest sites offering digital music purchase and download. The best thing about this site is that you do not get the MP3 tracks only, but there are other contents such as films and exclusive shows. You can listen to the downloaded music on PCs, mobile phones, and other digital players. With 8euros, you can download a full album. That does not limit you from downloading a single track at an affordable price.

6. Epitonic

Sometimes you would love to listen to music but do not have the funds to buy it. How about this fantastic website that offers free music legally? Epitonic is mainly used by musicians who feel the need to offer their music free to create a brand for themselves. The good thing is that there are many types of different genres on the site. Hip hop, Goth, techno, and rock are some genres available.

Bottom line?

If you did not know that downloading music without consent is wrong, you now have sites where you can download the music legally. Cheap is expensive, and rather than facing a lawsuit, it would be better to buy and download music legally or visit free legal music sites.

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